Oh Hi There Pretty Friends!!

Davidson, NC                                      {FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY}   {CHILD PHOTOGRAPHY}   {NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY}


Blog life…hmmm it’s not for me. Although, I think I’d be really great as an actual blogger. Like if that’s all I had to do. Just write about my crazy days and family and friends. I’d keep you guys entertained for a lifetime. For real. But unfortunately, this is just how I share a little bit of my passion and life with everyone. I wish I spent more time sharing…but it’s rough finding the extra time. Between the stacks of emails, memory cards, schedules, editing, more scheduling, learning, playing with my crazy boys, keeping my kiddos alive, keeping my doggies alive, keeping up with laundry, endless meals for everyone and well let’s be real- the endless list of to-dos….I’m just not sure how anyone has time to add blogging to their list.

I started this post last night, but then didn’t have time to finish it…so I’m back at it this morning. See what I mean?! Summer has been a whirlwind and I just dropped off our first little stud muffin to his first day of 2nd grade.  I was doing fine until the radio played a depressing song for moms called “slow down”…yeah, I may have shed some tears. It really slaps you in the face. The years are flying by. Summers home with 4 kids are super long, but in reality I already miss it. The chaos will one day be completely different chaos, and I’ll miss every moment of the craziness that we’re in now. I am thankful for photos, and iPhones. I do my best to capture it all before it disappears. Ok done venting.

So I can’t even remember the last sessions I shared with all of you but I will share some from my last month of fun! I will also do my best to share more with you all during this CRAZY fall/winter season of sessions! I am so blessed with such extraordinary clients and cannot wait to see everyone again this year! ❤ I love you guys and cheers to school being back, pumpkin pies, and cool crisp air. YES!!!


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Denali 4 months

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mogul family

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sheedy 1








Spring fun!!! Bring on SUMMER!!!

Charlotte, NC    {family photography} {child photography} 

Another month passes…and I am still behind with blogging. darn. Actually it’s a month and a half to be exact. May is such a busy and fun month though. May brings on all the beautiful flowers and people…with very little rainy ruined days! NC has been blessed with incredible weather so I’ve had barely a moment away from my camera or computer. So many brand new baby miracles, graduates starting onto a new page in their lives and families coming together and sharing their stories with me and my camera. It has been full of blessings!  And since today is the first day of June, I thought I’d celebrate with a new blog post and flood your eyes with my gorgeous clients! ❤

GOAL OF THE MONTH: I am going to try to bring my camera out for my own little dudes more…so hopefully I’ll have some new photos to share with all of you soon! And one day I will start a mom blog with all the ridiculous/hilarious stories that happen to us or around us on a daily basis. Maybe that will be next month’s goal. Seriously- you guys wouldn’t even believe all the craziness that goes on around the Ras home! 🙂

Bring on Summer and all it’s awesomeness!

xo Heather

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and last but certainly not least our amazing friend Michelle has a community of friends, family and loved ones that have continued to support her through her 2nd battle with cancer…We love you <3MWA!

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a QUICK personal hi

Charlotte, NC   Child Photography


One evening when my three lil trouble makers were driving me to the crazy house…I decided to load them into the car, grabbing their shoes,  jeans, swords, and my camera and head to ANYWHERE to let them run and be wild. (almost forgot to mention it was 90 degrees and I added our two 4-legged children into the car as well) Within 7 mins from exiting the car, we were already done and ready to go home for water, cortisone cream and water. Let’s just say. the least number of mosquito bites on any of us was 19—and that was me for some odd reason. But I did grab a couple fun shots of the little men to wrap up our fun summer of 2013.  They are still crazy about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers for now, and just hoped on the Skylanders crazy train recently. joy. Cade just turned five (WHAT? I cannot believe I am actually writing that), Jax just turned 3 and Kolt is 20 months! These boys grow and change so much…it’s so bittersweet. We are truly blessed and I am grateful for every single moment I get to spend with them!! Hope you enjoy!!

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RuffleButts & RuggedButts fun

Charlotte, NC  Children’s Commercial Photography 


I am beyond grateful for yet another incredible opportunity I was given this month…RuffleButts & RuggedButts Photo shoot for some additional Fall items this year!! And super excited to say our next big shoot is in October for their Spring 2014 line! I am honored that they contacted me and I am so excited to be working with such a fantastic company. (and Family too!)

Honestly we had the cutest models EVER, plus some of the cutest ruffled clothing EVER…mixed in with a little attitude and a whole lot of fun. It was perfect! Here are a few teasers….


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untitled-40 copy 1

untitled-58 copy

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a fun game of catch up…

Charlotte, NC    Family, Seniors, Newborn and Child Photography


This summer has been so so busy with amazing families and so many fun memories captured forever…but I have been working so many hours trying to get everyone their images as quickly as possible that I haven’t spent my normal amount of time on email, facebook updates and blogging. oops.  I decided to stop stressing about all the small stuff and try to do a quick blog post with some images from a few August sessions that I haven’t yet blogged.  Here you go…a giant page of fun and beauty!!!  I’ve been so so blessed to photograph every single one of these friends!

First up…

Sweet lil Sloan {hello world}

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untitled-5-2 copy 1 copy

untitled-80 copy b copy

untitled-142 copy copy


And now for lil Luke {hello world}…


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untitled-119 copy copy


Now for a gorgeous Mother & Father to be… Sarah & Grayson

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untitled-276-2 copy copy

untitled-292 copy copy

untitled-213 copy

untitled-218 copy

untitled-251 copy 1 copy


Now for a fun morning lake session with a gorgeous family…The Webb Family (and their precious 3 blondies)

untitled-286 copy 1 copy

untitled-323 copy a copy

untitled-330-2 copy copy

untitled-337 copy 1 copy

untitled-365 copy 1 b copy


Moving on to Jennifer…2014 senior with the world at her fingertips! She’s beautiful and beyond sweet! 

untitled-25 copy copy

untitled-40 copy copy

untitled-16 copy copy

untitled-45 copy copy

untitled-60 copy 1 copy

untitled-106 copy 1 copy


And last but not least…the Hall Family! beyond the obvious (gorgeous home, and family)- we had a gorgeous sunrise & a perfect day!

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untitled-113 copy 1 copy

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untitled-50 copy copy

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untitled-17 copy copy

untitled-58 copy 1 copy

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untitled-186-2 copy

untitled-187 copy


The Ovitsky Family {summer fun}

Cornelius, NC  Lake Norman Family Photography and Children Photography


I have fallen head over heels for this little Anthony over the past 11 months…really, it’s true. I could easily add him into my family of boys with no hesitation. Although I am quite certain his Mommy & Daddy won’t be so willing. Lauren and Troy are always so prepared for a fun session…which makes my life that more pleasant. 🙂 This session was extra special! Lauren’s father came up from Georgia to be a part of our golf course fun. What a proud Grandfather. I could see the joy in his eyes for his only lil Grandson. These were special moments that are forever recorded for their family to enjoy for generations. Little Anthony will cherish all of these when he grows older, I can be pretty sure of that. I have a feeling Anthony may grow up to have some rockstar golf skills as well…especially if he spends his weekends with his Dad on the course. I loved this session with this sweet family and I hope you enjoy it too!


3 copy

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untitled-71 copy copy


The Albright Family

Denver, NC  Family & Child Photography


The Albright Family came prepared with champagne and cups for all…that is the way to really begin a beautiful day!! 🙂 I loved photographing their family and we had a blast running around an old camp site- avoiding injuries! It is so much fun getting to know each family I meet, and learning all about their dynamic!  Denise (Mommy Albright) is an extremely talented artist…so I have enjoyed learning all about her fabulous work! I have most definitely captured their fun, go with the flow essence! Hope you enjoy…

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untitled-95 copy copy

untitled-31-2 copy copy

untitled-104-5 copy copy

untitled-119 copy copy


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untitled-27 copy

untitled-182-2 copy

untitled-188 copy


The Wise Family

Huntersville, NC  Family & Children Photography

Once again, I have been MIA…but for good reason this time! 😉 I celebrated my birthday with girlfriends on a trip to Florida…then returned home for a couple days to repack and head to NYC with my hubby & kiddies! It has been non-stop but I’m back in my flow again now! I have lots of sessions to catch up with on here. {blogged behind…} ha. ok Happy Summer friends!!!

To start the summer off properly- let’s begin with one of my favorite sessions ever! Taylor and I have been trying to set up a session on and off for years…and I am so so so thankful we finally made it work. It was bliss photographing her precious family. Pretty much a photographer’s dream—perfect morning sunrise, sugared up babies, happy parents, and everyone just wanting to have a blast. We literally played, laughed & joked from the moment we got out of the car til we got back in. (Donuts and starbucks may or may not have been involved.) Taylor and Daniel are so blessed. Their beautiful babies are just as blessed to have such incredible parents.  Taylor had warned me that Mr. Parker seriously hates cameras and is not a fan of photographers either before we met that day. I was pretty sure that I would prove her wrong quickly…and I did. 🙂 Parker was my bud and rocked every shot the entire time. He just didn’t want to pose and smile {duh!!! who really does???}, he wanted to play and hang out like typical four year old boys! Which is totally my speciality! I probably struggle more with girls at this point…I don’t watch all the girlie shows, or play with barbies like girl moms do. ok I’m rambling on and on {typical}…I’ll end it with these amazing shots for your eyes to enjoy! Hope you enjoy as much as I do!!!

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untitled-81 copy 1b copy

untitled-226 copy copy

untitled-20 copy copy

untitled-6 copy 1

untitled-43 copy

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untitled-155 copy copoy

untitled-36 copy

untitled-270-2 copy copy

untitled-242 copy copy

untitled-251 copy b1 copy

The Moore Family

Isle of Palms, SC   Family Beach Photography


Ok I’m SLIGHTLY behind on all my bloggie stuff…maybe just a month or so. oops. But the world of kiddies, vacations, friends, gorgeous clients, champagne and endless photographs has held me hostage!! I’m slowly recovering and trying to plant my feet back in reality. (well, until next week…when I leave for my Clearwater beach Florida birthday girl’s trip!) What a fantastically blessed May and June this has been so far! Thank you all for your patience. {although, I would say it benefits all of you as well…I’m much more fun when well-rested!}

and speaking of blessed–The Moore Family was able to take a little getaway as well a few weeks back and met me at the beach for a fun sunset session! This was my first time meeting Carrie, David and their gorgeous little girl Caroline. We laughed and chatted the evening away…just the way I love to live. Ants decided to take over every inch of dry land though…so that made for a hysterical game of dodge the ant. I love how real their family is, and I can’t wait to see them again soon! We ended the night with a walk back to our house and found my crazy husband and oldest son standing on the roof- 3 stories high. I’m pretty sure the Moore’s think we are a crazy family!

I ended my night on the roof with 2 of my 4 men…watching the most gorgeous sunset and perfect stark white moon over the ocean. I had my iphone with me so we grabbed a few fun shots from the roof–I’ll post one of those as well. 🙂


Hope you enjoy all the amazing beach fun!!

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