The Moore Family

Isle of Palms, SC   Family Beach Photography


Ok I’m SLIGHTLY behind on all my bloggie stuff…maybe just a month or so. oops. But the world of kiddies, vacations, friends, gorgeous clients, champagne and endless photographs has held me hostage!! I’m slowly recovering and trying to plant my feet back in reality. (well, until next week…when I leave for my Clearwater beach Florida birthday girl’s trip!) What a fantastically blessed May and June this has been so far! Thank you all for your patience. {although, I would say it benefits all of you as well…I’m much more fun when well-rested!}

and speaking of blessed–The Moore Family was able to take a little getaway as well a few weeks back and met me at the beach for a fun sunset session! This was my first time meeting Carrie, David and their gorgeous little girl Caroline. We laughed and chatted the evening away…just the way I love to live. Ants decided to take over every inch of dry land though…so that made for a hysterical game of dodge the ant. I love how real their family is, and I can’t wait to see them again soon! We ended the night with a walk back to our house and found my crazy husband and oldest son standing on the roof- 3 stories high. I’m pretty sure the Moore’s think we are a crazy family!

I ended my night on the roof with 2 of my 4 men…watching the most gorgeous sunset and perfect stark white moon over the ocean. I had my iphone with me so we grabbed a few fun shots from the roof–I’ll post one of those as well. 🙂


Hope you enjoy all the amazing beach fun!!

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