Spring fun!!! Bring on SUMMER!!!

Charlotte, NC    {family photography} {child photography} 

Another month passes…and I am still behind with blogging. darn. Actually it’s a month and a half to be exact. May is such a busy and fun month though. May brings on all the beautiful flowers and people…with very little rainy ruined days! NC has been blessed with incredible weather so I’ve had barely a moment away from my camera or computer. So many brand new baby miracles, graduates starting onto a new page in their lives and families coming together and sharing their stories with me and my camera. It has been full of blessings!  And since today is the first day of June, I thought I’d celebrate with a new blog post and flood your eyes with my gorgeous clients! ❤

GOAL OF THE MONTH: I am going to try to bring my camera out for my own little dudes more…so hopefully I’ll have some new photos to share with all of you soon! And one day I will start a mom blog with all the ridiculous/hilarious stories that happen to us or around us on a daily basis. Maybe that will be next month’s goal. Seriously- you guys wouldn’t even believe all the craziness that goes on around the Ras home! 🙂

Bring on Summer and all it’s awesomeness!

xo Heather

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and last but certainly not least our amazing friend Michelle has a community of friends, family and loved ones that have continued to support her through her 2nd battle with cancer…We love you <3MWA!

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The Morris, Pridmore, & Moffitt Families

Charlotte, NC      Large Family Photography


Back to my blogging…with yet another pink cast!! 🙂 I loved photographing this awesome family this Fall.  Jenny & Jackie are adorable sisters, both with beautiful families– and have the most phenomenal parents ever- Lolo and Walt.  Shooting big families always makes for fun sessions…especially with lots of fun cousins to play with! Enjoy…


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The Roan Family

Charlotte, NC  Family & Group Photography


A few weeks ago I met the adorable Jessica, she was referred to me through a friend to do her family photos of her new lil nugget and her tiny lil tot man— it went perfectly. Her family is precious and we had such a fun time romping and rolling around their yard and home. A week later she called and asked me to try to make it work for another session in another week…her sweet sister was coming in town with her family.  So, I was blessed to photograph Jessica and her family twice in a few weeks time—it was fantastic. I’m pretty sure if she lived closer, we’d be having wine daily and letting our lil boys frolic. Jessica’s sister, Tiffany, and her sweet family were just as wonderful. They made my “job” {well, if you want to call it that} very easy. They played and I captured every second. They have 2 lil girls that are behaved so perfectly and showed off their fun personalities at the same time. I am so glad we got lots of sparkly shots of the 4 cousins together!! Enjoy!!

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The Maine Family

Huntersville, NC  Lifestyle Photography


I had a fun group session with John, Kristi and their daughter Reese and John’s sister & brother who were visiting from out of town a few days ago.  As most people know, men do not LOVE photo sessions (I still have yet to meet one) but these guys were troopers and hung in there long enough to get some awesome shots! All the cousins got to play and enjoy themselves as well! I’m really going to miss all these beautiful colors of Autumn. Hope you enjoy!!


Cousin FUN!

May 27, 2012: Huntersville, NC photographer  {Lifestyle session}


Photographing 5 children is a difficult task…but oh so much fun. I was sweating and I know everywhere with us was too! These 5 cousins are so sweet though. Flowers, fields and a gorgeous setting sun added to their beauty…and their Mimi is hopelessly in love with all of them too. She seemed to want to be their best friends for life- love that!! Hope you enjoy a few of their fun pictures!!