Spring fun!!! Bring on SUMMER!!!

Charlotte, NC    {family photography} {child photography} 

Another month passes…and I am still behind with blogging. darn. Actually it’s a month and a half to be exact. May is such a busy and fun month though. May brings on all the beautiful flowers and people…with very little rainy ruined days! NC has been blessed with incredible weather so I’ve had barely a moment away from my camera or computer. So many brand new baby miracles, graduates starting onto a new page in their lives and families coming together and sharing their stories with me and my camera. It has been full of blessings!  And since today is the first day of June, I thought I’d celebrate with a new blog post and flood your eyes with my gorgeous clients! ❤

GOAL OF THE MONTH: I am going to try to bring my camera out for my own little dudes more…so hopefully I’ll have some new photos to share with all of you soon! And one day I will start a mom blog with all the ridiculous/hilarious stories that happen to us or around us on a daily basis. Maybe that will be next month’s goal. Seriously- you guys wouldn’t even believe all the craziness that goes on around the Ras home! 🙂

Bring on Summer and all it’s awesomeness!

xo Heather

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and last but certainly not least our amazing friend Michelle has a community of friends, family and loved ones that have continued to support her through her 2nd battle with cancer…We love you <3MWA!

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The Shait Family

Charlotte, NC  {family photography, child photography}


I can’t even believe it’s time to wish lil Walt a very happy first birthday, seriously? Where does a year go? I love love love this precious Shait Family! We changed up our traditional session scenery this time and met uptown in the North Davidson area for a little urban flare! After playing around the streets we went into the fabulous Smelly Cat coffee shop for a hot chocolate and some snuggling! So fun, always! Havens, their beautiful daughter gives me every possible reason to want to steal her away and add her to our family. Her singing and dancing brings in a crowd for sure! We ended with Walt’s cake smash, with a Fat Tuesday theme…this boy was born on one fabulous Tuesday! 🙂 I hope you enjoy…I love their love!!!


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The Cherry Gang :)

Denver, NC  Family Photographer


After weeks and weeks of chatting back and forth on the phone, I finally got to meet this sweet Kelley, and put a face with her name. I knew she had to be a patient lady to have to hear my screaming kids in the background almost every time we chatted. Bless. Kelley and Brandon have two stunning little princesses- Karsyn and Presley. I’m pretty sure I would have a fourth baby if God promised me it would be Karsyn…she made me smile through all the sweat! 🙂 Kelley’s sister Kim and her husband Alan are so adorable too. Their 13 week old little man, Easton has the best skin and blue eyes! Kelley & Kim’s parents joined us and made it a complete Cherry gang. Had an awesome time and hope you enjoy their peek…

The Rush Crew

Denver, NC  Lifestyle Photographer


After rescheduling our session so many times I can’t even remember due to bad weather- we FINALLY got to play! Val and her 3 sweet kiddos played around while I captured it all. Siena is 5, Eli is 3 and Wyatt is 13 months and I know from experience they have their hands full. Being back in the woods scared us all at one point when we kept hearing a loud howling that was getting closer by the second—we were all convinced we were going to be attacked by coyotes…YIKES!! Thank GOODNESS it was only a strong-willed beagle that must have been on a hunt for something because he never stopped his crazy howling! whew!!! It’s always a fun adventure on my photo sessions! ha! Hope you enjoy their sneak peek…


The Spivey Divas

May 28, 2012: Cornelius, NC photographer  

{Lifestyle Session}


These cute lil Spivey girls made my afternoon (as usual). They always have the cutest outfits and the best lil diva poses! I keep having to remind them to play…not to pose like supermodels the entire time! Ella is about to be FOUR so she had her own fashion photo shoot, and Lily just turned ONE so she had an adorable outfit change as well. We had a ball and I could probably photograph these girls all day everyday…so much fun! Hope you enjoy…