Spring fun!!! Bring on SUMMER!!!

Charlotte, NC    {family photography} {child photography} 

Another month passes…and I am still behind with blogging. darn. Actually it’s a month and a half to be exact. May is such a busy and fun month though. May brings on all the beautiful flowers and people…with very little rainy ruined days! NC has been blessed with incredible weather so I’ve had barely a moment away from my camera or computer. So many brand new baby miracles, graduates starting onto a new page in their lives and families coming together and sharing their stories with me and my camera. It has been full of blessings!  And since today is the first day of June, I thought I’d celebrate with a new blog post and flood your eyes with my gorgeous clients! ❤

GOAL OF THE MONTH: I am going to try to bring my camera out for my own little dudes more…so hopefully I’ll have some new photos to share with all of you soon! And one day I will start a mom blog with all the ridiculous/hilarious stories that happen to us or around us on a daily basis. Maybe that will be next month’s goal. Seriously- you guys wouldn’t even believe all the craziness that goes on around the Ras home! 🙂

Bring on Summer and all it’s awesomeness!

xo Heather

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and last but certainly not least our amazing friend Michelle has a community of friends, family and loved ones that have continued to support her through her 2nd battle with cancer…We love you <3MWA!

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The Beshears Family

Denver, NC  Family & Children Photography


The Beshears ROCK. I don’t even have to write this…you will all see it plain as day in their photos. I captured the real Beshears…and that makes my life happy. (hopefully theirs too) Kathy and Ben are perfect for each other and seriously their two handsome little men are edible. And to top it off they have awesome names…Nash & Benji-Grant 🙂

Hope you enjoy….

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Haley {2013 SENIOR}

Denver, NC  Senior Photography


Starting off the new year with fun…Haley is a senior at Hough High and can’t wait to be a freshmen in August at ECU! We were frozen outside but she rocked the cute looks and somehow ignored the arctic tundra air!! I loved photographing Haley and she is such a beautiful & sweet girl! Enjoy!!


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The Ramsey Family

Charlotte, NC  Family & maternity photography


I am super excited to post these pics of a great friend of mine and her beautiful family. Natalie is due with her second lil man very soon, and I am so grateful to photograph her & her happy, glowing self. I cannot believe Parker is 6 now…but its so obvious that he isn’t such a lil toddler anymore.  Natalie and I became best friends in college and I’ve been around through all her fun. Josh and Natalie are so perfect together…he’s the only man on the planet that can handle & adore her and her wild self—and Natalie absolutely gushes over Josh, the same way she did when they were dating! 🙂 I’m so happy for their family to soon become 4!!! I am so glad I got to spend the afternoon and evening with them and wish we lived just down the street again like we use to! Hope you enjoy!!


and a quick pic of Nat and myself…Josh has awesome photo skills 🙂 or maybe we’re just fabulous models!

The Baucom Gang

Lake Norman, North Carolina   Family Lifestyle Photographer


Oh my this family is fun- and is exactly why I ADORE my job!!! I enjoyed every second spent with Clara, Daniel and all their boys yesterday! They never fail me by showing up looking stunning and rocking their session every time!  Cade and Chance are awesome big brothers and I loved watching their interactions with their 6 month old little man, Axle. Clara is full of life, love, laughter and beauty…and Daniel compliments her so beautifully, just handsome and sweet. Great times, lots of laughter and capturing their memories out in the fields…it was a great session! Hope you enjoy!!