a QUICK personal hi

Charlotte, NC   Child Photography


One evening when my three lil trouble makers were driving me to the crazy house…I decided to load them into the car, grabbing their shoes,  jeans, swords, and my camera and head to ANYWHERE to let them run and be wild. (almost forgot to mention it was 90 degrees and I added our two 4-legged children into the car as well) Within 7 mins from exiting the car, we were already done and ready to go home for water, cortisone cream and water. Let’s just say. the least number of mosquito bites on any of us was 19—and that was me for some odd reason. But I did grab a couple fun shots of the little men to wrap up our fun summer of 2013.  They are still crazy about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers for now, and just hoped on the Skylanders crazy train recently. joy. Cade just turned five (WHAT? I cannot believe I am actually writing that), Jax just turned 3 and Kolt is 20 months! These boys grow and change so much…it’s so bittersweet. We are truly blessed and I am grateful for every single moment I get to spend with them!! Hope you enjoy!!

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untitled-56 copy copy

untitled-39 copy b

untitled-106 copy 1 copy

untitled-62 copy

untitled-69 copy

untitled-75 copy

untitled-31 copy b

untitled-17 copy copy

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