Look, I’m back!

Oh look who it is– AGAIN!!! I bet you’re as shocked as me! Baby Isla is napping and my wild man, Beck is at preschool probably torturing his precious teachers with face licks! Life is sweet! ❤ This North Carolina weather has been so crazy lately and we have been so ready to start spring sessions with beautiful flowers! Here are a few gorgeous sessions from the past few weeks. Enjoy!!


Little Miss Kayleigh – ONE is so wonderful ❤

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Newborn Merritt

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oops…I’m slightly behind with BLOGGING!!!

Charlotte, NC  {family photography}


There is a good chance many friends, clients and new beautiful faces have come here to my blog in the last two months and noticed how lame I am with keeping my blog updated. #bloggerfail Yes, not a very proud moment. BUT…I am NOT behind on my editing or my sessions or my kids or my family or my friends (ok I may be a tad behind on that one too!)— it’s FALL YA’LL!!! Fall is here and that means crisp air, beautiful colors, pumpkin EVERYTHING and most of all my busiest time of year! With that being said- my blogging and updating comes last in the line up. I hope you all don’t mind!  I do try to keep my facebook page (www.facebook.com/heathermariephotographync ) updated daily with sneak peeks and any other fun info I have up my sleeve!

I just counted…I am 41 sessions behind on the blog. Can you even imagine? WHOA. Sorry guys. I will make it up to you on my maternity leave surely. What else will I want to do while I’m snuggling my newest little ninja?!

Speaking of that…my personal update {obviously skip this part if you have no interest with this} is great! This baby is a beast. Measuring ahead and staying up high so I remember he is ALWAYS there. We both are loving this cooler weather though! His big brothers are getting excited about his arrival into this world. “Mom when is our brother going to pop out?” “Mom I think the baby is going to beat Cade in soccer once he gets out of there.” -daily questions and comments flow around our home.

Back to the Photography: I’ve already had our first 2 mini session dates and they were completely successful in all ways! The weather worked out for us and all the families looked amazing! Plus it was great exercise for me! I loved playing with all the precious little ones! I feel incredibly blessed to be able to do what I love and also call it my job– you guys make that possible for me. Thank you. A million times.

I have been booked solid for the year for months now and I am so very grateful. I do hate letting people down now this close to Christmas card season that I don’t have any openings but I am doing a wait list and filling any cancellations off of that the moment I get one. So far- it’s working!! I am currently booking 2015 clients and filling spots very quickly if anyone is looking for next year sessions. Lots of the Spring slots are full, and we have TONS of 2015 babies on the horizon! YAY!!!

I want to share a few photos from the past month + with you guys, and hopefully all the sneak peeks very soon!! I hope you enjoy all the beauty that I get to see every day…



PS- can you believe it’s already time for the Holidays?! WHAT?????

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The Albright Boys

Charlotte, NC   {Child photography}


Here it is…the end of 2013. What a awesome way to finish up the year…two lil dudes, a bunch of balloons and some celebrating!! (which obviously included some fabulous singing too!!) Stuart just turned ONE, and Jack just turned 3- what’s not to celebrate?! I had so much fun rolling around, dancing and singing with these guys- can’t wait to see them all again!!! Hope you enjoy!!!




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and of course I have to share this typical brotherly love moment. No session is complete without at least one outtake. 🙂

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The Moore Family

Isle of Palms, SC   Family Beach Photography


Ok I’m SLIGHTLY behind on all my bloggie stuff…maybe just a month or so. oops. But the world of kiddies, vacations, friends, gorgeous clients, champagne and endless photographs has held me hostage!! I’m slowly recovering and trying to plant my feet back in reality. (well, until next week…when I leave for my Clearwater beach Florida birthday girl’s trip!) What a fantastically blessed May and June this has been so far! Thank you all for your patience. {although, I would say it benefits all of you as well…I’m much more fun when well-rested!}

and speaking of blessed–The Moore Family was able to take a little getaway as well a few weeks back and met me at the beach for a fun sunset session! This was my first time meeting Carrie, David and their gorgeous little girl Caroline. We laughed and chatted the evening away…just the way I love to live. Ants decided to take over every inch of dry land though…so that made for a hysterical game of dodge the ant. I love how real their family is, and I can’t wait to see them again soon! We ended the night with a walk back to our house and found my crazy husband and oldest son standing on the roof- 3 stories high. I’m pretty sure the Moore’s think we are a crazy family!

I ended my night on the roof with 2 of my 4 men…watching the most gorgeous sunset and perfect stark white moon over the ocean. I had my iphone with me so we grabbed a few fun shots from the roof–I’ll post one of those as well. 🙂


Hope you enjoy all the amazing beach fun!!

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Anthony is ONE

Charlotte, NC  Family & Child Photographer


soooooooooooo far behind on all my blog updates…thank you rain for ruining our parades weekend after weekend. All the rain caused so many sessions to be rescheduled…causing my good weather days to be PACKED with fun sessions! Either way, I’m behind- but they’re coming. promise.

{ps- all the next updates will probably be short and sweet–sorry friends!!}


The sweet Preusse Family met me in the Midwood Plaza area of Charlotte and we bopped around the streets having fun. Little Anthony is soon to be one, so we ended with his cake smash. Unfortunately, the monsoon couldn’t wait for us to finish. Anthony fought through the wind and some rain for that yummy cake of his! And we all were stranded 2 or 3 blocks from our cars…great stories though. We had a blast though…hope you enjoy!!

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