The Baucom Gang

Lake Norman, North Carolina   Family Lifestyle Photographer


Oh my this family is fun- and is exactly why I ADORE my job!!! I enjoyed every second spent with Clara, Daniel and all their boys yesterday! They never fail me by showing up looking stunning and rocking their session every time!  Cade and Chance are awesome big brothers and I loved watching their interactions with their 6 month old little man, Axle. Clara is full of life, love, laughter and beauty…and Daniel compliments her so beautifully, just handsome and sweet. Great times, lots of laughter and capturing their memories out in the fields…it was a great session! Hope you enjoy!!


One Comment on “The Baucom Gang

  1. Clara is my cousin, photography is my favorite hobby, and you are my hero! 🙂 These pictures are amazing- you have amazing skill and vision– I would love to hire you for a session with my husband, myself, and my little one! 🙂

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