The Beshears Family

Denver, NC  Family & Children Photography


The Beshears ROCK. I don’t even have to write this…you will all see it plain as day in their photos. I captured the real Beshears…and that makes my life happy. (hopefully theirs too) Kathy and Ben are perfect for each other and seriously their two handsome little men are edible. And to top it off they have awesome names…Nash & Benji-Grant 🙂

Hope you enjoy….

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untitled-51-2-2 copy copy

untitled-13-2 copy copy

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untitled-92-2 copy copy

untitled-102-2-2 copy copy


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untitled-121-2 copy copy

untitled-127-2-2 copy copy

untitled-128-2 copy copy

untitled-133-2 copy copy

untitled-190-2 copy copy

untitled-199-2-2 copy copy

untitled-200-2 copy copy

untitled-214-2 copy copy

untitled-218-2-3 copy copy


untitled-224-2 copy 1

untitled-228-2 copy copy

untitled-245-2 copy

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