Cousin FUN!

May 27, 2012: Huntersville, NC photographer  {Lifestyle session}


Photographing 5 children is a difficult task…but oh so much fun. I was sweating and I know everywhere with us was too! These 5 cousins are so sweet though. Flowers, fields and a gorgeous setting sun added to their beauty…and their Mimi is hopelessly in love with all of them too. She seemed to want to be their best friends for life- love that!! Hope you enjoy a few of their fun pictures!!


2 Comments on “Cousin FUN!

  1. Thank you Heather for such a wonderful job! Your patience was so appreciated with all my 5 grandies. You are so right Heather. These babies are my heartbeat right now and I love them like crazy! I hope they always love me back like they do right now. Thanks again for such beautiful work.

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