The Stawick Family

Charlotte, NC    {family photography}

So two of my favorite things on earth were under the same roof for the Stawick Family’s session… (and no I’m not talking about the doughnuts) squishy-faced doggies and kiddies! I could move right in. Erica and Steve have the two cutest pugs I have ever seen- hands down. And now have added a second precious baby to their little family- beautiful lil Sophie. Charlie, the big brother who just turned two, could have anything I own. That lil guy had some way of sucking me in, and truly could have come home with me! Charlie was so patient and sweet with his new baby sister, I still can’t really believe it. He just took it all in. Big blue eyes looking up at me, just waiting for whatever I said next. Yes, this seems rare to me. And extremely special. I hope his Mommy & Daddy know that. After many years of photographing children with their new baby siblings, I can say he is the minority. It’s such a HUGE change in their little worlds. As for lil Miss Sophie…she couldn’t be any more perfect!! That gorgeous head full of hair is amazing, and a dream for a lover of girlie bows.  She has already learned how to just go with the flow and fits right into their adorable family!

The Stawick’s played on their bed…pug babies and all. I wish I could post every single shot from their fun ruckus- but that would spoil all their fun! I loved how informal everything was and how their chaos is so beautiful. Hope you enjoy…

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The Gray Family

Charlotte, NC   {Family Photography, Child Photography}


The Gray Family were so wonderful to photograph.  Little Landen is absolutely precious and loved like no other by his mommy and daddy! Their first baby Panda joined us too and made it even more fun!! Did I mention how much I love animals? Especially doggies!!! I can’t wait to see this family again for Landen’s 1st birthday session!! Hope you enjoy!!!

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With this being my second to last 2013 post, I just have to say how blessed I feel for meeting this precious family and all the others this year.  My journey with photography is so different (as I am learning) from so many other photographers…I continue to want to learn, grow and improve daily in my camera, lighting and post-processing skills but way more then all that I want to know people. I want to hear their stories, and share their love.  I grow personally (selfishly) in this skill much more then I ever expected or dreamt. I judge less, accept more…respect each & every life so very much more than I did when I began. I am learning to balance my great love for people, wanting to please and being the wife, mother and woman I am hoping to be.  It isn’t as easy as one would expect. I appreciate all of you supporting me, and trusting in me. Thank you. xo

The Rheault Family

Charlotte, NC    Family Photography, Child Photography


Nothing is more thrilling for me then a large and fun family. Yes, I know, I sound crazy. But it’s my truth. I enjoy the challenge and all the high energy.  I am driven by people and their energy so it’s 100% up my alley. It brings so much joy to me to watch a large family playing and interacting together.  In my heart I feel like it is what makes this world go round.  The Rheault Family succeeded in all these things in my eyes! Their handsome twin boys slept on their way to meet me, so in the beginning we were trying to wrangle them into a happy place…but their precious littlest man, Bentley made up for that with his happiness. I loved how peaceful & loving their Mom, Suzie was and how fun and loving their Dad, Matt was! Henry and Carson eventually woke up all the way and were ready to show me their fabulous sides of fun. The sun was breath-takingly gorgeous and our final product makes me smile from ear to ear.

Enjoy their family joy.

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