The Rheault Family

Charlotte, NC    Family Photography, Child Photography


Nothing is more thrilling for me then a large and fun family. Yes, I know, I sound crazy. But it’s my truth. I enjoy the challenge and all the high energy.  I am driven by people and their energy so it’s 100% up my alley. It brings so much joy to me to watch a large family playing and interacting together.  In my heart I feel like it is what makes this world go round.  The Rheault Family succeeded in all these things in my eyes! Their handsome twin boys slept on their way to meet me, so in the beginning we were trying to wrangle them into a happy place…but their precious littlest man, Bentley made up for that with his happiness. I loved how peaceful & loving their Mom, Suzie was and how fun and loving their Dad, Matt was! Henry and Carson eventually woke up all the way and were ready to show me their fabulous sides of fun. The sun was breath-takingly gorgeous and our final product makes me smile from ear to ear.

Enjoy their family joy.

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Matilda Jane love

Charlotte, NC  Child Photography, Commercial Photography


I’m sure most of you have seen me post on facebook, instagram or on here before about all the gorgeous little girl’s clothing I would put my daughter in if I had one.  I am fortunate enough to have a pretend daughter (my best friend’s little girl, Braelyn) to dream with from time to time! Matilda Jane is one of my ultimate favorite girls clothing lines out there. I have always adored their pieces and all the extra joy they bring to my photos when my clients where them. They are having a second release of their Paint by Numbers Collection and I was sent a few samples to showcase to the world on the beautiful Braelyn.  This collection is GORGEOUS!!!  I personally would wear these clothes every day if they came in my size! 🙂

The Paint by Numbers Collection is full of fun colors and character. Every piece is made special with such perfect detail. From the bursts of floral, aqua, yellow jeweled buttons, to the happy ruffles– every little girl dreams of dressing up in these! It’s so enjoyable creating endless outfits with mixing and matching all their fabulous pieces. Layering or just keeping them alone gives complete different looks, which we also love! Braelyn loved how comfy and soft all her pieces were!  She is wearing the Atmosphere Dress with the Arrow Wood Bennys, and then we added the Plum Kitten Cardigan for those cooler Autumn days.

As a photographer, we dream of our clients dressing up their little girls in Matilda Jane…the girls love feeling like princesses and it shows in their images! As a Mother, we love dressing our children in quality clothing that lasts and keeps our children young and happy for as long as we can!

To find any of these pieces and MUCH MUCH more check out Matilta Jane Clothing!!

Here are some of the shots from our lil mini Matilda Jane shoot, hope you enjoy!

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Oakley Elizabeth {hello world}

Matthews, NC   Newborn Photography

Where do I start with this beautiful family? hmmm maybe I’ll begin with the obvious…brand new baby Oakley is pretty close to perfection.  She is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a real life baby doll to be honest. She is just gorgeous and well, her whole family falls right with her in that category as well. The Frank family were wonderful to spend the afternoon with…it was so peaceful pretty much my entire time in their home. (such a rarity with newborns & toddlers) It just went so smoothly and little Oakley was a superstar. Her big brother, Myers is super excited to have a new little sis too- which makes it even more fun in the Frank household!! I adore every one of their photos from the session..hope you love just as much as I do!

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Jenny’s adorable Mother was there to help out (thank goodness for incredible Grandmothers by the way!)- and she captured a quick pull back shot of us posing lil Oakley. 🙂

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