The Stawick Family

Charlotte, NC    {family photography}

So two of my favorite things on earth were under the same roof for the Stawick Family’s session… (and no I’m not talking about the doughnuts) squishy-faced doggies and kiddies! I could move right in. Erica and Steve have the two cutest pugs I have ever seen- hands down. And now have added a second precious baby to their little family- beautiful lil Sophie. Charlie, the big brother who just turned two, could have anything I own. That lil guy had some way of sucking me in, and truly could have come home with me! Charlie was so patient and sweet with his new baby sister, I still can’t really believe it. He just took it all in. Big blue eyes looking up at me, just waiting for whatever I said next. Yes, this seems rare to me. And extremely special. I hope his Mommy & Daddy know that. After many years of photographing children with their new baby siblings, I can say he is the minority. It’s such a HUGE change in their little worlds. As for lil Miss Sophie…she couldn’t be any more perfect!! That gorgeous head full of hair is amazing, and a dream for a lover of girlie bows.  She has already learned how to just go with the flow and fits right into their adorable family!

The Stawick’s played on their bed…pug babies and all. I wish I could post every single shot from their fun ruckus- but that would spoil all their fun! I loved how informal everything was and how their chaos is so beautiful. Hope you enjoy…

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The Ciafre Children

Denver, NC  Child Photography


I am desperately trying to catch back up with all my blog entries…so bare with me on all these short write ups. I could talk about every session for hours, but I will keep it short and sweet for now! 🙂


Gianna (age 4) and Graham (these were taken 2 days before his 1st birthday!) were such happy and fun kiddos! Gianna wanted to dance and play and it was just a plus that her little brother got to come along as her partner too. They were so fun, beautiful and seriously full of life. I love real emotions, and children do not hide theirs at all. 🙂 Hope you enjoy!!


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