Look, I’m back!

Oh look who it is– AGAIN!!! I bet you’re as shocked as me! Baby Isla is napping and my wild man, Beck is at preschool probably torturing his precious teachers with face licks! Life is sweet! ❤ This North Carolina weather has been so crazy lately and we have been so ready to start spring sessions with beautiful flowers! Here are a few gorgeous sessions from the past few weeks. Enjoy!!


Little Miss Kayleigh – ONE is so wonderful ❤

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Newborn Merritt

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It’s that time.

Davidson, NC                                                      {family photography} {child photography} {newborn photography}


It’s that time again. Time to share some of my recent beauties with all of you. I wish I was better with this, but I’m not.  We have had a super busy Spring so far and I have a feeling it isn’t going to slow down anytime soon! Maybe in July we will get a minute of chill time in front of the pool. But until then…we work.

Since I usually offer mini sessions only in the fall, I decided to offer a few weekends of minis this spring as well. (due to popular demand) Weekends have been slammed with gorgeous families and babies and I can’t complain! Plus the weather is starting to show it’s love again!

Everyday my coffee tastes as amazing as the day before…it reminds me of how my photography is to me. I love capturing friends, family and change everyday. It always tastes good. Each day there is a new story to tell. I love it best when I spend time with long-time clients and they express how they adore looking back through the years of photos I’ve captured. Their lives have changed, and so has mine. All in front of the camera. ❤

Ok enough rambling…no one has time for my babbling emotions. Check below for some fabulous people. That is all.

Until next time…xxoo

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Blythe baby

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The Osborne Family

Cornelius, NC   Family & Children Photography


So, the good news is…I got to photograph an incredible family this past weekend. The bad news is…I had 5 others that are having to be rescheduled due to yet ANOTHER icky, rainy & cold weekend!!! Fingers crossed that tomorrow begins the new spring streak of sunshine, warm temps and happiness all around!!!

Oz, Kim and precious lil Eli (9 months old) were rocking the 40 and 50 degree temps early Saturday morning, and yes they were dressed for spring. duh. It should be warm, and it should be sunny.  Spring sessions aren’t suppose to look like a spring in Antarctica…thus we have the colorful and springy Osborne Family. We laughed and hung out…I love my fun chats with new friends, and I know that is deep down the real reason behind this so called “talent” of mine. One day if I were to lose interest in people, their stories, their dreams, and their loves then I would most likely go back to only photographing my own children. But as most people know…I can’t stop talking and asking questions. or a better way of saying it- I love to talk and I love to be curious to learn everything about how & why people tick. The Osborne’s adore their main man Eli- and I fell in love with him as well. He does this awesome little nose curl currently…and I want his Mommy & Daddy to remember it forever. I hope I captured the true beauty of this sweet sweet family!

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The Thompson Family

Charlotte, NC

Family and Child Photographer


As I climbed into my car last night I called Cam & Mindy and said “it’s storming here- shall we still try to make our session happen?”- the immediate answer was YES, it’s clear and sunny here. So, off I went and I am pretty sure I drove in the eye of the storm the entire 50 minute trip. I couldn’t believe it was sunny where we were meeting…but as I got closer I could see the perfect circle of clear blue skies up ahead of me. Right before I arrived the rain closed in and started a huge downpour…but to make a long story short- we stuck to our plan and ended up doing our photos anyway. Breaks of sunlight and drops of rain here and there added to the beauty of this botanical garden and adorable family. Cam & Mindy adore their precious little Stella. She is two and that is exactly the stage she is in…”I do it” stage! (One of my favorites actually…well, for photography!) We had fun and made it work, hope you enjoy their peek!