Anthony is ONE

Charlotte, NC  Family & Child Photographer


soooooooooooo far behind on all my blog updates…thank you rain for ruining our parades weekend after weekend. All the rain caused so many sessions to be rescheduled…causing my good weather days to be PACKED with fun sessions! Either way, I’m behind- but they’re coming. promise.

{ps- all the next updates will probably be short and sweet–sorry friends!!}


The sweet Preusse Family met me in the Midwood Plaza area of Charlotte and we bopped around the streets having fun. Little Anthony is soon to be one, so we ended with his cake smash. Unfortunately, the monsoon couldn’t wait for us to finish. Anthony fought through the wind and some rain for that yummy cake of his! And we all were stranded 2 or 3 blocks from our cars…great stories though. We had a blast though…hope you enjoy!!

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