Some personal FUN!

2 days in a row?! Now this is a big deal.

All you moms out there know how hard it is to get 3 minutes to your self. Especially when you start your day with two babies in your bed. (aka- who sleeps?!) But here I am- showered, dressed (well sort of. as long as pjs count), fed and sitting alone with my second (reheated twice) coffee actually blogging and emailing and editing away.  It’s a big deal.

I am planning on keeping things simple around here. (I write like I talk. Those of you that know me, know this.) But I do want to share a few pics of my people with you guys. Isla Drew turned ONE. WHOA. I have 5 kids now and 0 babies. That hurts. I still want 100000 babies. Which I thought that feeling was suppose to go away once you were done having kiddies. Nope. Anyways, she’s awesome and loving and silly and truly a gift. Funniest little unicorn you ever did see. She adores her brothers and they are obsessed with her. She fits right into their crazy, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Some of our sweet friends and family are in these photos as well. Life is so precious, I want to remember every moment. And every loved one.

Oh and some exciting news…my good friend Jessy (fab photog) and I are hosting our very first Photog Mama Photography class in a little over a week. I can’t wait to share all the fun with you guys. ❤

ok Happy Thursday beautiful friends!! xx


Isla and Goldie living their best lives. ❤ rocking their matching Rags! ( copyDSC_0491 copy cropDSC_0603 copyDSC_0579 copy

My niece, Kinsley celebrating her 6 month birthday with us. DSC_0426 copyDSC_0374 copyDSC_0459 copyDSC_0415 copyDSC_0298 copyDSC_0269 copy

our person. Auntie Kendyl. She gets all the love & heart eyes!!!DSC_8752 copy

Party time fun!!DSC_8474 copyDSC_8478 copyDSC_8483 copyDSC_8484 copyDSC_8486 copyDSC_8495 copyDSC_8513 copyDSC_8516 copy

Isla is ONE and Veda is TWO! BFFs for life. (they didn’t get a choice)DSC_8578 copyDSC_8617 copyDSC_8648 copyDSC_8655 copy

You guys…Shades kids clothing line is dreamy.   http://www.shadeskids.comDSC_9601 copyDSC_9757 copyDSC_9973 copyDSC_9850 copy

baby Edith

Charlotte, NC   Newborn photography, child photography

I loved meeting the brand new Sheedy family of three, and capturing their perfect lil bundle- Edith!! And just like most of the newborns, Edith decided to have her first big day of NOT wanting to sleep when I arrived. 🙂 Luckily after some sweet love, full belly & warmth she could no longer fight it, and passed out perfectly for us! Hope you enjoy a peek at their special memories!







Remington {hello world}

Mooresville, NC   Newborn & Family Photography


Another gorgeous session is about to fill your hearts…The Bandy Family added a beautiful new little girl to their family, precious Remington. Remi was 6 days brand new when I finally got to meet her perfect little self. Meredith has been a sweet friend of mine since college {yes, lots of awesome & crazy memories attached with us!} and I just met Kirk for the first time when we did our session. Kirk is awesome. And seriously a perfect Daddy of all girls! It takes a special man to deal with all us women! They were so laid back and easy to photograph! We laughed at plenty of “outtakes” involving newborn bodily functions (typical), and big sister’s Peyton and Maddi were the best helpers EVER! I loved our time together…hope you enjoy their sweet moments as a new family!!!


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