It’s that time.

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It’s that time again. Time to share some of my recent beauties with all of you. I wish I was better with this, but I’m not.  We have had a super busy Spring so far and I have a feeling it isn’t going to slow down anytime soon! Maybe in July we will get a minute of chill time in front of the pool. But until then…we work.

Since I usually offer mini sessions only in the fall, I decided to offer a few weekends of minis this spring as well. (due to popular demand) Weekends have been slammed with gorgeous families and babies and I can’t complain! Plus the weather is starting to show it’s love again!

Everyday my coffee tastes as amazing as the day before…it reminds me of how my photography is to me. I love capturing friends, family and change everyday. It always tastes good. Each day there is a new story to tell. I love it best when I spend time with long-time clients and they express how they adore looking back through the years of photos I’ve captured. Their lives have changed, and so has mine. All in front of the camera. ❤

Ok enough rambling…no one has time for my babbling emotions. Check below for some fabulous people. That is all.

Until next time…xxoo

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Blythe baby

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Hi Alastair {hello world}

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I truly adore working outdoors, if I had to work in a studio or an office all day every day I would be heartbroken.  It makes me so excited to hear from a new mom that she wants to have her baby’s newborn photos taken outside! I met the Young family a few weeks ago, and their tiny new addition, Alastair.  Oh my-he stole my heart when I saw him. It was immediate. I think it was his size at first. He was barely visible in his car seat.  The Young’s found out at their 18 week ultrasound that their little angel would be born with a Cleft Lip, so they were prepared when he entered this crazy world.  It was awesome learning about his cleft lip first hand, and hearing that in a short 3 months he would have a big surgery to fix it.  I am so glad we captured Alastair before his surgery, so he can look back one day on these images and realize how handsome and special he really is. I enjoyed every moment with all of them, and we hung out and captured their love until the sun was completely gone.

Hope you enjoy their memories…

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