Oakley Elizabeth {hello world}

Matthews, NC   Newborn Photography

Where do I start with this beautiful family? hmmm maybe I’ll begin with the obvious…brand new baby Oakley is pretty close to perfection.  She is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a real life baby doll to be honest. She is just gorgeous and well, her whole family falls right with her in that category as well. The Frank family were wonderful to spend the afternoon with…it was so peaceful pretty much my entire time in their home. (such a rarity with newborns & toddlers) It just went so smoothly and little Oakley was a superstar. Her big brother, Myers is super excited to have a new little sis too- which makes it even more fun in the Frank household!! I adore every one of their photos from the session..hope you love just as much as I do!

untitled-329 copy copy

untitled-327 copy 1 b1 copy

untitled-183 copy 2 copy

untitled-197-2 copy copy

untitled-174 copy 2 copy

Jenny’s adorable Mother was there to help out (thank goodness for incredible Grandmothers by the way!)- and she captured a quick pull back shot of us posing lil Oakley. 🙂

untitled-168 copy

untitled-221 copy 1 copy

untitled-234-2 copy 1 copy

untitled-236 copy copy

untitled-254-2 copy copy

untitled-256 copy crop copy

untitled-265 copy copy

untitled-273-2 copy copy

untitled-304-2 copy copy

untitled-280 copy copy

untitled-290 copy copy

untitled-288 copy copy

2 Comments on “Oakley Elizabeth {hello world}

  1. What beautiful pictures! Little Oakley is perfect! I love Myers’ smile!

  2. Oh my goodness these are sooo wonderful! And seriously, gorgeous family!

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