MAY…oh how we love you!

May 9, 2018                                                                                      Charlotte, NC


I think it’s finally safe to say the words…IT’S SPRING!! The beautiful sunshine and warm/hot temps are here for good now!! Yippee!!!! We have all been waiting for this! Especially all of us that work outside, and really don’t enjoy the whole “April showers” thing! Anyways- cheers! With that being said, I’ve been SWAMPED with sessions!! Gorgeous families and kiddies and landscapes, oh my. I hate to hold out sharing with all of you, so in no great order- here are a few moments I’ve gathered this month! (below)

Also- a little housekeeping is hopefully coming along too. *Game plan- update my blog and website. Pray that it actually happens.

Lastly- when I emotionally can handle it, I will share with you all lots and lots of incredible images & memories of my favorite best buddy that passed away a week ago. Cooper was almost 14 years old and we had to say goodbye. He was the most loved and adored french bulldog on the earth. I am 100% sure I’ll never get over him (yes, tears flowing fast even now as I type this) but I hope soon I can honor him on here so you all get a little taste of how special he was to us.


now for the beautiful people. xx

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The Hampton Children

Charlotte, NC  Child Photographer


I could write a book about this beautiful family and our adventurous session…but I don’t have time to spend on the little written details this time around. (so I can hurry up and finish all of everyone’s images…they’re calling my name!) Lots of krispy kremes later, a stolen yellow chair, tons of hysterical images and plenty of fresh bruises…we ended up with a phenomenal session. Three perfect babies…Ella, Scottie and Jake. Truly little miracles. and I love love love their Mommy…beautiful Meghan is a dear friend.


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The Lamm Family

Charlotte, NC  Family & Lifestyle Photography


Little boys melt me…I know, I am biased but really they do. I’m sure I have said this all before! I’ve known Heather and Brad since the good ol’ college days and now they have a fabulous little man CASEN! (almost ONE year) Casen is such a sweet, love bug. He obviously loves my camera or maybe me…but either way he couldn’t stop smiling. They are lucky parents to have such a fabulous little man! The red hair just adds the whip cream on top. 🙂 Hope you enjoy their peek…