MAY…oh how we love you!

May 9, 2018                                                                                      Charlotte, NC


I think it’s finally safe to say the words…IT’S SPRING!! The beautiful sunshine and warm/hot temps are here for good now!! Yippee!!!! We have all been waiting for this! Especially all of us that work outside, and really don’t enjoy the whole “April showers” thing! Anyways- cheers! With that being said, I’ve been SWAMPED with sessions!! Gorgeous families and kiddies and landscapes, oh my. I hate to hold out sharing with all of you, so in no great order- here are a few moments I’ve gathered this month! (below)

Also- a little housekeeping is hopefully coming along too. *Game plan- update my blog and website. Pray that it actually happens.

Lastly- when I emotionally can handle it, I will share with you all lots and lots of incredible images & memories of my favorite best buddy that passed away a week ago. Cooper was almost 14 years old and we had to say goodbye. He was the most loved and adored french bulldog on the earth. I am 100% sure I’ll never get over him (yes, tears flowing fast even now as I type this) but I hope soon I can honor him on here so you all get a little taste of how special he was to us.


now for the beautiful people. xx

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Lake Norman, NC  Children & Personal Photography


With all these gorgeous blooms (plus the abundance of pollen covering every inch of our town, and sinuses), I decided I needed to stop off and grab a couple spring shots of our little monsters. Without them, I truly doubt I would’ve found this passion for child photography- or ever would’ve turned my camera off of auto to figure out what else it would do.  These boys are my world. {+God and my handsome hubby} oh, and Cooper and Dozer <our four-legged children>.  So, with that being said- it was a nice day and I had a last minute cancellation, so I took the boys out to eat and headed to a beautiful field of yellow flowers! Then I let the rugrats be themselves. To top it off I had a friend with her adorable son meet me there too…so it ended up as a fun playdate as well. You can never have too many photos of your own children. EVER. I know I have always been teased about taking too many of my kids- but I ignore the comments completely. Or laugh because within time they will have children of their own and say “wow, I now understand why Heather takes 10 million pictures of her kids each week.” Life is so short. Make it sweet, happy & fun! Hope you enjoy…Cade (4 years), Jax (2 years), Kolt (15 months) and Kellan (13 months), my sweet friend Alex’ son.

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Spring13-121 copy copy

Spring13-195-2 copy copy

Mr. Kellan in action…

Spring13-154 copy copy

Spring13-162 copy copy

Spring13-128 copy 1 copy

Spring13-190 copy copy

Spring13-228 copy copy

Spring13-177 copy copy

Spring13-182 copy copyand lastly, I captured a sweet group of guys out to enjoy their evening on bikes…Spring13-261 copy copy



The Ovitsky Family

Davidson, NC  Family & Child Photography


Oh hello SPRING…it makes me so happy to finally say that! 🙂 Sweet birds chirping, warm sun beating down, beautiful blooming flowers everywhere, bright and happy  colors filling my lens–Spring BLISS!!! Everyone seems to be extra cheerful and just happy to be alive…I really do love spring. Love glows brighter.

The Ovitsky family have started off my season with a bang.  Lauren and Troy are loving life with their little 6 month old man, Anthony. He has obviously grown a TON since our last session, only 3 short months ago.  Anthony was so happy, so sweet and so alert for the whole session. And his precious little outfits could melt all of us moms out there. {oh and knee socks, gush!!!} He is ready for his very first visit from the infamous Easter bunny, and I’m pretty sure he may get lots of goodies this year!


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