The Hampton Children

Charlotte, NC  Child Photographer


I could write a book about this beautiful family and our adventurous session…but I don’t have time to spend on the little written details this time around. (so I can hurry up and finish all of everyone’s images…they’re calling my name!) Lots of krispy kremes later, a stolen yellow chair, tons of hysterical images and plenty of fresh bruises…we ended up with a phenomenal session. Three perfect babies…Ella, Scottie and Jake. Truly little miracles. and I love love love their Mommy…beautiful Meghan is a dear friend.


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untitled-74-2 copy copy

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untitled-25 copy copy

untitled-103 copy 1 copy

untitled-110 copy copy

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untitled-127 copy copy

untitled-125 copy copy

untitled-134 copy copy

untitled-157 copy copy

untitled-163-2 copy copy

untitled-171 copy copy

untitled-214 copy 1

untitled-285 copy copy

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