Lake Norman, NC  Children & Personal Photography


With all these gorgeous blooms (plus the abundance of pollen covering every inch of our town, and sinuses), I decided I needed to stop off and grab a couple spring shots of our little monsters. Without them, I truly doubt I would’ve found this passion for child photography- or ever would’ve turned my camera off of auto to figure out what else it would do.  These boys are my world. {+God and my handsome hubby} oh, and Cooper and Dozer <our four-legged children>.  So, with that being said- it was a nice day and I had a last minute cancellation, so I took the boys out to eat and headed to a beautiful field of yellow flowers! Then I let the rugrats be themselves. To top it off I had a friend with her adorable son meet me there too…so it ended up as a fun playdate as well. You can never have too many photos of your own children. EVER. I know I have always been teased about taking too many of my kids- but I ignore the comments completely. Or laugh because within time they will have children of their own and say “wow, I now understand why Heather takes 10 million pictures of her kids each week.” Life is so short. Make it sweet, happy & fun! Hope you enjoy…Cade (4 years), Jax (2 years), Kolt (15 months) and Kellan (13 months), my sweet friend Alex’ son.

Spring13-7 copy copy

Spring13-13 copy copy

Spring13-34-2 copy copy

Spring13-52 copy copy

Spring13-86 copy copy

Spring13-93 copy 1 copy

Spring13-105 copy copy

Spring13-121 copy copy

Spring13-195-2 copy copy

Mr. Kellan in action…

Spring13-154 copy copy

Spring13-162 copy copy

Spring13-128 copy 1 copy

Spring13-190 copy copy

Spring13-228 copy copy

Spring13-177 copy copy

Spring13-182 copy copyand lastly, I captured a sweet group of guys out to enjoy their evening on bikes…Spring13-261 copy copy



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