First Day of Spring!

North Carolina has handed up hot sunny days and snow all in the same exact week. WHAT is going on?! I am so pumped to say Happy First Day of Spring. I hope NC gets the memo too.

I wanted to give you all a quick update on our Momtog Photography class from this past weekend. Mind blown. I didn’t know exactly what to expect with this first class but it was magical. I keep thinking back to the first time I picked up my first DSLR, and how I was completely lost. What I would’ve given to have a class like this at my finger tips. All the tricks and simple ways of learning the basics so we can actually capture our kids in decent photos. I think everyone learned a ton and had a blast while doing so. Shooting one on one with each photographer/momtog was key in my opinion. Hands on and VERY eye opening for all of us. I’ll share some photos at the end of some of the girls in action! 🙂

In other news, lots of babies are being born and lots of spring sessions are happening over here. Here are a few fun moments from the past week!! Hope you enjoy!!


The Graves Family added a new member to their tribe late last year, sweet lil Olivia- and I was honored to come to their home and capture some fun, real-life moments!! We had such a great time!DSC_1678 copy copy

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Then I spent time with the precious Lozeau Family in uptown Charlotte- and we danced and played in the rain!! We did get some “dry” moments too, but it was a blast either way! Their little man, Julian was such a sweet boy! I hope you enjoy a few of their memories!!

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and lastly…a few pics from our momtog class! 🙂



Maleena {Hello World}

Cornelius, NC  Newborn Photography


Well friends, this is it for 2012…my final session (or so I think, currently). I have tried cutting myself off prior to the 16th of December, but with no luck. But I am so glad I hadn’t stopped yet, this lil Maleena rocked her first photoshoot. She slept like an angel and her big brother and sister got an extra chance to snuggle her. She is 12 days new and is absolutely perfect!!! I had such a great time with her and her family…and I am so happy for them! Welcome to the world of a family of 5!! Enjoy!


ps- and no, this won’t be my final post of 2012…I’ll post a few personals before long! 🙂

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