The Preslar Twins {hello world}

Charlotte, NC  Newborn Photography


Oh my goodness how lucky is this girl? VERY!! I got to photograph to beautiful baby girl twins that had just come home (finally) from the hospital! Claire and Ella Grace were born 10 weeks early and both were in the 3 pound range….teeny tiny! After 6 weeks in the NICU they got to come home to their Mom & Dad to live happily ever after!! The girls are beyond sweet and make some of the cutest noises I have ever heard in my life. The grunts and squeaks gave me a slight flash back to the days of my own Cade bug in the NICU–awe.  It’s amazing how perfectly different these two little angels are- even their tiny but strong personalities. I can’t wait to give their precious parents all their images, and watch these two grow and turn into little toddlers before you know it! I had a blast with this family- enjoy their peek!!

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