The Williams Family

Davidson, NC     Family & Child Photography


I was honored once again of photographing one of my dearest friends, the Williams. I can’t explain to others how wonderful & grateful I feel when my friends trust me with such an important job of capturing their forever memories. I get all warm & fuzzy inside thinking about it. Christy & Trey are the closest thing I know to a fairytale. Their love seems magical…thats the only word I can come up with honestly. The have a special love, and as a photographer I picked up on it the very moment they stepped in front of my lens. Now with a third baby, life is much more chaotic and there is a lot less time to really focus on each other but they still stand strong. I love watching their family grow. I hope you enjoy their happy chaos as much as I do!!!

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untitled-68 copy

untitled-63 copy

untitled-11 copy

untitled-147 copy copy

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