The Buford Family

Charlotte, NC    Family Photography

Probably the coldest morning of the year, I met the Buford Family for the first time…and it was 150% worth every second!!! Rockin the broken arm and awaiting my surgery I managed to layer up and get my camera some happy time. The Buford’s were beyond amazing. I still can’t believe how positive they all were although I knew not 1 of us could feel our fingers or toes!! Their lil muffin Landon just turned 2 and lit up the sky with his big, sweet smile!! Two year old boys give me an excuse to run around and dance like a fool…so I stayed a little warmer then everyone else! 🙂 Hope you enjoy…

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untitled-273 copy b copy

untitled-279 copy copy

untitled-280 copy 1 copy

untitled-315 copy copy

untitled-331 copy


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