The Kastler Family

Charlotte, NC    Family Photography


I could write a novel about this amazing family, but since I have about 4 minutes before my boys bust into my office and tackle me down to the kitchen for snacks…I will keep it short.  Susan and Chris have been there for me since the very beginning of my photography journey, supporting me 100% all along the way. And even better…motivating me and lifting me up time and time again. They have constantly whispered in my ear that I have a talent and I should never sell myself for less then what I deserve. God knows, we all need more incredible people like the Kastlers in our lives. They are a beautiful family and have 3 precious little ones that keep growing up way too fast for me. I hope you enjoy their lil peek…


untitled-28-2 copy 1 copy

untitled-71 copy1 copy

untitled-35 copy b copy

untitled-13 copy 1 copy

untitled-99 copy 1 copy

untitled-91 copy 2 copy

untitled-159 copy copy

untitled-125-2 copy copy

untitled-163 copy copy

and last but not least…a quick shot of their Big Girl Sloan who is starting Kindergarten this year!! 🙂

untitled-9 copy 1 copy

2 Comments on “The Kastler Family

  1. These are some amazing pictures! The photography is wonderful and everyone of you Katlers look amazing!

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