The Ried Family

Huntersville, NC  Family & Children Photography

I have waited a long long time to photograph this beautiful Ried Family.  Misty contacted me last year and after rescheduling and working around many bumps we made it work–YAY!!! Ben and Misty are beyond amazing parents. They have two beautiful babies, Braxton & Allie. I truly can’t begin to share their incredible journey on here in one short blog post but every one of them are an inspiration to me. Braxton (who is 5 years old) has what is known as Dravet syndrome, and I am so thankful that Misty & Ben have opened up their hearts to help educate others (like me) on this rare syndrome.  If you would like to learn more and keep up with their precious boy-  you can look go to . He is precious, and completely all boy. Full of happiness, love and life. He wanted to sword fight and made me smile all morning long. I hope more than anything I was able to capture that for his Mom & Dad. I am sure those are the moments that really matter, and the memories that are priceless. (not the never-ending days & hours in hospitals or doing therapy.) Braxton adores his little sister Allie. And she adores him right back. Allie is vibrant and fun. And boy does she love her Daddy! Misty and Ben are some of the very best people I have ever met. Every moment of their day is wrapped around their children—including all night long as well. I really hope I get to spend a lot more time with this incredible family and they will be in my prayers every single day. Braxton is a reason I am a photographer.  ❤

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and to add even more reasons to love this precious lil man…he was singing, and this shot was mid-song. I adore. untitled-199 copy copy

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