baby Beau {hello world}

Charlotte, NC   Newborn Photography


I have been capturing the Elliot Family’s special moments for a few years now, and to watch them grow from a family of 3  (new mommy & daddy; Clara was just an infant) to now a complete family of 4, really warms me inside. Clara is now a big sister of a handsome little brother, Robert Curtis Elliot- “Beau”!!  Their Mommy is a rockstar birthing babies, and she deserves extra stars for it! And Daddy is so supportive of all of them, keeping the family together with unconditional love. I enjoyed my morning with their family, and the best part is seeing how much one tiny itty bitty goey baby can change their world & turn it upside down so quickly. (it happens every single time…it’s a given.) I love chaos, and the more children you bring into the world the more chaos and more love you have as well.  I work better and live more fully in beautiful chaos…

I love these fun moments, and I hope you do too!! {many of these I just had to share because they are just hysterical. having a toddler running around is always a fun time!}

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