The Wells Family

Denver, NC   Family Photography


I just met Crystal, Adam and their precious little 4 month old Braxton for the first time a few days ago but I feel like I already know them so well. (love that about my “job”!)  You can feel how much they adore each other and their new little sidekick. Braxton was such a trooper, he made it through a super tired spell and showed his happy personality for the rest of their session.  He is head over heels with his parents too…you could watch his world light up every time he caught their eyes. I had such an incredible time with the Wells family and cannot wait to watch their family grow into the future! Oh and by the way…I had such a hard time picking out my favorite shots to post on here, so I may have posted a few more than normal! I love every shot from there session!!! And I am so blessed to be able to capture such beautiful love!


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untitled-325 copy copy

untitled-268-2 copy copy

untitled-298 copy copy

untitled-285 copy copy

untitled-296-2 copy copy

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