Gone with the cast…

Huntersville, NC     {personal}


These have been the longest 96 days of my life. But I have survived, my children & husband have survived, my dogs have survived, my clients & friends have survived, our home is still standing {shockingly}, and somehow my business has survived. I am blessed. And even more thankful & grateful than ever before.

My final cast was cut off yesterday morning, while my youngest two boys watched in horror. They were sure the nurse was going to saw off my arm with the cast. It also didn’t help that the night before I was in the ER with our middle son Jax until 2am. Oh that’s a whole other blog entry on it’s own, but we thought he broke his arm. Turned out to be a nursemaid elbow, and a quick fix. THANK GOD! So, here I was staring down at this dry, flaky, swollen, weak arm. ick. and yes, the doctor was right- I also was gifted lots of new BLACK hairs on the arm as well. fabulous. But I was free. I could feel the cold air of the room. It didn’t even seem real. I wanted to cry.

I was cleared to leave and told to work on stretching it back out to have a normal range of motion again, and like that 96 days of headaches, bitterness and pain disappeared.

This morning I showered alone (which is a vacation on it’s own, let’s be real)- and I didn’t need an extra 10 minutes to prepare my arm for battle. No press n seal glad wrap, no plastic bag fights, and no tape to hold it all together.  I washed my hair with two hands. My right side of my scalp would be thanking me right now if it could talk. I was able to shave like I use to without having to do intense yoga positions. And even better than all of that (if that wasn’t enough already to make my day), I didn’t have a numb hand from holding it up in the air for 20+ mins. 🙂 I couldn’t think of a better Tuesday.

We all seem to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the rat race, or this so-called everyday life. We forget about all the tiny luxuries, and take them completely for granted.  I can’t even imagine how many of you have probably gone through this same experience, and many of you going through WAY worse currently.  Some of you may never get to be freed of the “cast”.  Whether a cast like mine, or a cast of other sorts. This cast has given me a chance to reflect on the simple things that I am so fortunate to have the ability to do.

As I type with two hands for the first time in 96 days, I sing Grace.  I am beyond thankful for this blessing, and God’s plan was obviously more important than mine.  I was made to slow down, and to spend many more hours and days with my family. It was all a blessing. Thank you for supporting me.

I am excited to share with you a couple iphone images from the doctor’s office yesterday…

Happy Tuesday friends!!

xo Heather

photo 2


photo 1

2014, I am now ready for you.

Charlotte, NC   {personal, my own} 

2013 I survived you. We all did. Bring on 2014. Here are a few random images from December and January of my own family…lots of chaos, Christmas, fun and even more love.  My cup runeth over! 2014 we are all going to enjoy you…and I won’t forget to breath, or stop to just watch the simple joys of life.  Slow down friends. xo


for starters…our baby Kolt turned TWO!!! ahhhhh!!!

Kolty copy



our awesome Christmas tree..

untitled-18 copy



Cooper (already 9 years old), slow down time…

untitled-5 copy


Dozer (7 years old now)

untitled-27 copy

untitled-76 copy

untitled-73 copy 1

untitled-75 copy






untitled-65-2 copy

untitled-62-2 copy b

untitled-105 copy




untitled-139 copy

untitled-178 copy