The Thompson Family

Davidson, NC  Family Photography + group photography


We had a fun early morning session with the Thompson family and their close family members this past weekend. Mindy & Travis have 3 wild boys (just like us)…and it’s so close to home when I’m photographing them. They are all boy and so so handsome!! Mindy brought along her parents and her sister and brother- and their families too. Her parents are rockstars and are incredible with their 6 grandchildren! Lots of fun…enjoy!!


The Peterson Crew

Denver, NC  Family Photography


Getting 22 people all in the same place, at the same time and all happy (including 11 children) is no easy task…but the Peterson family somehow managed to do it, and perfectly at that.  The Peterson’s have a beautiful home on Lake Norman that is regularly filled with all their beautiful children (5 total) and grand children (11), so they wanted to have their entire group together for photos.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many gorgeous kiddies in one place at one time! Here is a quick peek at their big, beautiful family!


The HILGERT Family

Denver, North Carolina Family & Group Lifestyle Photographer


Fun morning with a wonderful family celebrating their parent’s being married for 50 years- how awesome is that?! The Hilgert family is down visiting this weekend from Pittsburgh, PA and I am so glad I was able to meet all of them and capture some shots of a memorable trip! What better way to celebrate your incredible parents! Getting 18 people (including children) to all look at the camera at the same time is tough- but they rocked it! Got some great shots, and even re-created Art and Carol’s last wedding photo, their car departure picture. I hope in 44 years my husband and I are still so in love with an amazing, big family that loves us tons too. Enjoy their photos 🙂


The original six…where it all began! 

All the grandkids