Blogging isn’t for the weak.

Friends, I need to start off by apologizing for looking like I disappeared. I am alive. My photography is alive. And the best part…all my kids are still alive too. 🙂  Blogging and keeping up with one more thing is CRAZY hard. Mom life is super hard. Working Mom life is also insane hard. Guess what?! Life in general is hard, so no more complaining. 2017 turned out to be incredible. It started off rough, but quickly improved and we got back into the flow of being a family of 7. I will catch you guys up on all the fun details along the way but I am going to try hard to show you all a little of last year’s fun. TONS and TONS of gorgeous families and kiddos were in front of my camera, I felt so honored.

Another fun announcement…I am going to be doing more Mom life/Photographer life blogging here too. Updating you guys on life with 5 kids and bulldogs. Hopefully with awesome photos along as well. It’s not for the weak. Blogging in general isn’t. Seriously. I barely remember to brush my teeth most days. (for example- today.) But I think there are a lot of you out there going through some of the same stuff as we are. So why not share? Plus, I can actually re-laugh at all the insanity as I share. Just so you’re prepared, I won’t be posting perfectly poised and designed posts and photos. Just like my instagram and Facebook pages- you’ll get the real me. I know, I know- people enjoy seeing pretty posts. But I can’t think in that much detail anymore. Too much pressure. So, you’ll see my mess.

Cannot wait to start. But before I do- I need to share images that I’ve already finished this year. (Next post.) For now I’ll leave you with a quick pic of my own kiddos right before Christmas.


PPS- Hopefully you actually understand what I just wrote.



DSC_1121 copy

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