Hello lil Wesley

Charlotte, NC    Newborn Photography


Right before I broke my arm I was fortunate enough to get to meet and photograph one of my closest friend’s little boy- Wesley!!! That makes number 3 for their sweet family! I got to slip away into the baby world for a few hours…oh it was amazing. (for me…it’s not so lavish for the brand new mama surely.) Someone waiting on you hand and foot, (ok sure, you’re paying thousands of $ a night for that service, but still.) peace and quiet (mostly), a snuggly, squishy, yummy smelling lovebug curled up on  you  and oh, unlimited snacks. Yep…a nice day-cation for me.  Anywho, I love the Young family and I am crazy proud of Ashley for delivering her little man like a rockstar!! He is perfect and HUGE!!! I love him. Here are just a few quick shots of the Young’s in the hospital. 🙂


untitled-20-3 copy copy

untitled-110 copy 2 copy

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