The show must go on… {personal update}

It’s taken me a week to get on here to let you all know my crazy news…but here I am slowly pecking away at my iPhone with my left thumb. (Most of you know I take pride in my extremely fast texting & typing skills-so that alone is sad news!) Those of you that follow me on Facebook have probably already heard what’s going on- so ignore this!

Halloween morning I broke my right arm. Yep. True story. The granite countertop apparently got in the way of my ball catching skills. 2 sets of X-rays and 2 doctors later… I am in a neon pink cast. The ulna bone is cracked in half and slightly displaced. Yippee. 30 years and this is my first cast. I prayed for a cast as a little girl. I thought I wanted a pink one
That everyone could sign at school. I guess God answers prayers when he think the time is right. 🙂

Well, I don’t want to ramble on with my pecks…but I am down and out currently. I have 2 weeks why this giant cast on and it prohibits me from moving my elbow- so the camera cannot get to my face. Boo. Then hoping I can upgraded to a shorter cast after that will allow me
To resume my life of photographer fun.

I am doing my best to respond to emails, messages and editing as much as my left hand can handle. My 3 little boys are giving me a nice workload as well—so the show must go on.

Thank you all for your patience and trust in me! I have been overwhelmed with all the kind words, dinners, visits and every single helping hand. (Diaper changers get an extra pat on the back–thank you a million) I am so sad this happened during my busiest time of year but I am hoping to be back and healed ASAP!

Here are a couple iphone pictures of the bone and the cool pink cast I always wished for…



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