Blogging from my phone…

Charlotte, NC {personal pics}

Our lil family just returned home from a short but sweet vacation to Hilton Head Island and I wanted to let everyone get a quick peek at my lil happy place! 😉

Although I spent many hours on my computer inside a beautiful, newly renovated hotel room…my happy place was on the beach with my precious family. The boys were in heaven out there. Their freedom and simple peace reminds me of where my photography journey truly began. Our boys enjoyed every second barefoot, swimming, dancing and trouble-making— and that’s what really matters.

Kemp and I know how blessed were are and thank God every day. I have many fun sessions to share with you all of some incredible families, but for tonight I’m just sharing these couple images from my cell phone! I’m not in my office or glued to my computer…I’m in bed devouring some pumpkin doughnuts and thanking our Great God above. Hope you enjoy these and keep your eyes open for new blog updates this weekend and upcoming week!!

Ps- Happy OCTOBER friends!!!! Let the rush of Fall & Christmas begin!



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