The Ortiz Family

Davidson, NC  Family and Children Photography


The Ortiz Family gets the cool honor of being my very first family with quadruplets! I am still in awe of how amazing Gabe and Niury are as parents. I cannot even wrap my head around 4 newborns wanting to eat, all at the exact same time. This dear family has raised two girls (Olivia & Juliana) and two boys (Aiden & Gabriel) to be wonderful little five year olds! Their family makes my top three strongest family list for sure! Not just for raising 4 awesome little kiddos but beginning the hardest fight of their lives here in the last month. Gabe had just finished his first chemo treatment right before our session. What a strong man, and the ultimate role model for his children. He will win.

One of my shots from their session brought me to tears instantly. I was sitting in my car going through the images and deleting all the “bad” shots, when I crossed by a shot that a sunbeam clearly was coming from heaven and directly going on Gabe’s head. I have never in all my 10 million + images have ever seen this.  What a moment.

I am so grateful to have spent my evening learning all about the Ortiz family…and each of their fun personalities! We had such a great time playing on the farm…feeding donkeys and looking for fish! I hope I captured the true essence of their sweet family! I have had such an incredible week of inspiration. Thank you to all of you.


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