Neely {hello world}

Charlotte, NC  Newborn Photography


The Plate family welcomed their third perfect little girl into the world not even two weeks ago, and I am so blessed to be a part of it.  Baby Neely is one of the biggest babies I’ve photographed for sure, but there is something about newborn baby rolls that just steals my heart!  Neely wasn’t a fan of being snuggled up into a tight ball or tucked really at all…but towards the end she gave up and became a sleepy and squishy newborn for us! Her older sisters absolutely ADORE her and Lilia (the oldest) would probably take care of Neely all day long if someone would let her.  The middle sister, Evie instantly became my buddy…and she wanted to be in all the action too. Evie has the most gorgeous lips of any little girl I’ve ever seen. hands down. All three of the Plate girls are beautiful and their parents have a lifetime of boys to worry about… hope you enjoy!!

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