The Hammond Kids Spring 2013

Huntersville, NC  Children Photography


First and foremost-  we are wrapping up Sophia’s 1st year sessions. Bittersweet. I cannot even believe how quickly this year has passed and how much Sophia has changed. I’m so glad we did these photos in some gorgeous blooming trees because it’s a great representation of Sophia. She is stunningly beautiful, sweet as they come and truly a joy to be around at all times. I know her parents feel beyond blessed to have her and her sister & brother. On that note, we decided it would be a great time to capture spring with all their kiddos…and we did exactly that. Our session was more fun than anything. The kids climbed trees, raced, sword fought with branches, and found all kinds of fun. Mia, Anthony and Sophia are all absolutely gorgeous children. So blessed.

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untitled-108-2-2 copy copy

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untitled-173-2 copy1 copy


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