The Mehrmann Family

Mooresville, NC  Family photography


After WAY too long, we finally got both our wild schedules together to capture this awesome family. The Mehrmann Family are so vibrant and fun. We wanted their location for their photos to represent them– so downtown Mooresville seemed perfect! Hannah is the perfect big sister…seriously. She just wants to love on Grayson and protect him from hurting himself. BUT he is 100% boy…and wants to show off that wonderful gift in full force! balls, trucks, rocks, and trains…it rocks a little boy’s world. Never a dull moment in a home with a toddler boy!  (and I say this from experience!) Cheryl and Todd live in our neighborhood and are an absolute blast to hang out with…especially late wine nights! Our next session has to be planned around their fabulous past time of  “glamping” —Camping in their awesomely giant and fancy camper! I can see it now…sunset, roasting marshmallows over the campfire, yummy cocktails in hand, great tunes on the radio…out in the middle of nowhere. Yep, no need for brainstorming their next photo session! 🙂 Hope you enjoy the Mehrmann’s precious moments…

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