The Knag Family

Mooresville, NC  Family Photography


Just want to start off by saying, I seem to be the luckiest photographer in Charlotte…I always get such gorgeous families & children!!! (inside and out!!) The Knag family have 3 precious little girls, 4 year old Kamden, and the two year old twins Kolby, & Kalyon. These girls are stunningly beautiful, but you can see where they got it from! (the apple didn’t fall far from the tree)  We had so much fun running around and dancing the evening away! Kam has photography in her blood too—she got to use my camera twice to show off her skills…I wish I could bring her home with me & teach her to edit too! ha! I love when I instantly connect with families, and this is definitely one of them! Hope you enjoy!! (sorry I am still hiding the Christmas card shots!!)

ps- Jennifer has the best parents (Mimi and Poppy) ever too! I loved meeting them and watching how much their grandbabies ADORE them!!!


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