The Torpy Family

Davidson, NC  Family & Lifestyle Photography


I really started this family session off perfectly; a hot chai latte & a fresh snickerdoodle cookie from the local coffee house in Davidson—the perfect sunlight and just a happy feeling inside.  Quickly, my perfect little afternoon turned to not so perfect the moment I put my memory card in my camera and it read ERROR!!! To make a long story short, after google-ing & calling a camera pro- I figured out that my 5 month old (WAY too expensive) memory card was done, and I was going to save the day by buying the best “crap” memory card they had at the drug store–what a mess. These things ONLY happen on the days I forget to bring my back-up memory card, of course.
The Torpy’s were so so understanding and basically awesome in every way to work with me through the drama.  Their sweet kiddies have done a complete 180 since last year’s session…and we had a fun time playing around Davidson!! Hope you enjoy their peek…


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