The Minner Family

Cornelius, NC  Family & Children Photography


I love that we’re nearing the end of September and it is still hot during the day and cool in the night- makes for wonderful temps for families. (and myself!) The Minners are such a wonderful family, and I absolutely love being able to introduce families to a different style of family photography.  This is more common than not, a lot of my families are use to going to a studio for their family portraits (like the Minner Family) so changing it up and bringing them outside for some fun will get them a totally different look. Obviously I’m biased but I think moments captured being real represent this time in our lives better than a still shot with a backdrop. 🙂 Stacey and Jonathan are amazing parents and I hope their first experience with this was a good one. I loved watching all the fun interaction between all four of their blondies!! Hope you enjoy–


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