Ella & Kate

April 22. 2012: Belmont, NC  {LIFESTYLE session}


I think I keep repeating myself lately about how much I LOVE what I do…but really, I adore it. I love spending fun time with all these wonderful friends. I love that I make people smile, and I love that I capture a moment that will most likely never happen again. Silly laughs, faces a toddler makes that are the “look” of this phase in their life…it all makes me happy.

I spent yesterday morning with some of my favorite people…Ella & Kate- and oh, yes, their awesome parents, Matt & Lindsay. Kate just turned 2 and seriously is stunning. Ella is just as beautiful and so fun. We had a blast playing around the lil town & especially my favorite part…playing in this adorable boutique, Jolie- right on main street. Little girls in a boutique is just par for the course! Love them…enjoy their pics!

oh and yes- they are wearing the gorgeous Addie & Ella clothing line!! 🙂

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