Justine {beyond a senior…}

Cornelius, North Carolina  Lifestyle Photography


Love meeting new people…but love it even more when they’re awesome and super laid back! Lisa called me a week ago and hoped I could squeeze her daughter in for some “late” senior photos before she left for college this upcoming weekend–we made it happen! I’m also a believer in the more kids you have, the more laid back and easy going you are. 🙂 Justine and I hung out, chatted and became friends within a few minutes. She’s off to NC State in less than 4 days and I’m quite certain she will have the time of her life! PLUS, she turns 18 in just a few days~ so we’ll call this her 18 year old super model photo shoot! 🙂 Loved our time together and we finished up right as the sky let out! Hope you enjoy her peek!!


and to end with HILARIOUS moment captured… JUSTINE VS. MOPED DUDE

The Tallent Bump

Denver, NC   Maternity Photography


I think a huge part of my passion with photography is meeting new people, learning about their lives & loves and sewing their story into photographs. People are my passion…I’m sure many people can survive without talking to anyone all day. I am NOT one of those people. I need to talk to thrive, so I apologize now for talking your ear off. I do love to listen and observe just as much. I adore making new friends daily…and photography has taken that to a whole new level. I build friendships and really cool relationships with my clients, and it makes me whole. 🙂 Some days I must need to chat more, and John & Tiffany met me on one of those days…we stayed out well after dark, watching the lightning over the lake and just chatting. They are such a fun couple with so much laughter in their future. Their first little bundle of joy is due to arrive in October and I can’t wait to squeeze him already!

We had tons of laughs and a lot of fun…hope you enjoy their peek 🙂