Dustin + Kristen = <3 {babybump love}

Charlotte, NC      {Family photography} {Maternity photography}


These two love birds are expecting their first baby in November, and how fun- they are having a little girl! 🙂 We had the best lighting for our entire session and I had a blast hanging out with these two!  Kristen is very obviously glowing and so so tiny! She has the perfect little soccer ball belly! Baby Nora will be adored and hopefully arriving in November! Enjoy their love!!!



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Terry & Benson {forever young}

Mooresville, NC  Family & Lifestyle Photography


I really need to write a personal blog update today, as well as this wonderful couples update…while driving home last night from their session it hit me like a truck- I adore photography because I adore people. My passion is more with people. Their stories. Their happiness and sadness. I am such a “people person”, and  have been since birth…and was always told to do something working with people. TA-DA…I found it, photographing people, their stories, their special moments. I don’t enjoy photographing land, trees or sites really, they bore me. It’s people. Everyone has a story, a victory, a loss and I read it on their faces. I am grateful. ok enough of my ranting–  (had to get it off my chest)

So with all that being said…I had the best time at the Sheally’s home last night. If I had a couple more hands, I would’ve been drinking wine along with them! 🙂 Terry and Benson have an INCREDIBLE love story that reminds me of how precious life is. They don’t take any days for granted. They are smitten. The live a life of happiness with lazy lake days, relaxing in the hammock, and dinners on their screened in back patio. Their motto (written everywhere) is “Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often.”  They are doing this, and maybe have perfected it. They make me smile. Even their love for their dog (Morty) makes me happy. Here is a peek into their love story…enjoy~