Oh sweet November

Charlotte, NC                   {family photography} {child photography}


Woohoo November is a whirlwind…all I’ve been doing is eating bags of chocolates, editing and taking thousands of photos of gorgeous people. And oh yes, loving on my baby boys too!

I don’t have much time for small chat due to the fact people are ready to get their Christmas cards rolling and they’re awaiting their beautiful photos from me— so here is a quick peek at some of the glitter that has been in front of my lens lately!

PS- Thanksgiving is less than a week away. oh my. I am so crazy Thankful.

PPS- This weekend begins my fun Christmas Tree farm minis up in the mountains!! I cannot wait to show you the end result!!! yay!!

xo Heather


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howard girls

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and just a few of my crazy boys ❤

ras boys

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The Geers Family

Charlotte, NC  Family Photography


Kelly & Greg are two of the sweetest people out there and I am so lucky to be able to photograph them & their beautiful babies every year! We went uptown for a different/ fun look…unfortunately it felt like it was 20 degrees below zero outside, plus the chilly wind to top it off.  We tried to stay outside as long as our hands and noses could take it, but ended in a cute market and coffee shop. My camera was even slowing down, it was so cold. Dashel is 15 months now, and like everyone knows, he doesn’t want to be held down or told what to do. He was ready to run the show…love his lil personality! And Nyla is just a precious precious little angel child. She is so loving and helpful with her little brother, it makes me happy. I hope you can see all the fun and love in this family through the photos I post. I loved spending my evening with the Geers!

PS- on the elevator ride back up to my car in the parking garage, a chick said  “oh man, someone lost their parking ticket- that sucks, it’ll cost them $16.” I laughed and thought, “yea, I feel bad for that ditzo…who doesn’t notice they lost their ticket!” OH, so guess what…I was that “ditzo” that had lost her ticket. classic Heather move.  (Needless to say, those who know me can probably guess what I did at the pay gate: I threw my car in park and told the lady I was running all the way back to get my ticket. ha!) Lesson of the day– I ALWAYS jinx myself, so stop. 🙂