Hayes Grier

Charlotte, NC       {portrait photography, teen photography}


I had such a fun time photographing Hayes a few weeks ago…we had no plan, no guidelines and a beautiful evening to capture the real Hayes!! The only thing we missed was his sporty style, that he usually represents! It’s got to be tough being 13 and that adorable!!! The Griers have raised all of their boys to be wonderful men, and I am so thankful to have been a witness to that over the years!


Hayes doesn’t take a bad photo. And couldn’t be any sweeter if he tried. The crazy social media world has blown up around him and he is still Hayes. I love that! Sorry these are so late…blogging hasn’t been on schedule lately! oops!!

ENJOY!!! xo

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12 Comments on “Hayes Grier

  1. I love hayes more than anything he is my idol and his smile always keeps me going. Please tell him I said this I want him to know so many people love him like I do and I would do anything to meet him❤️

  2. These pictures are wonderful! They are truly inspiring and you took them of my favorite person ever!!


  4. Hayes is so amazing and I love his laugh and smile and these pictures just made me melt! He looks so sweet and happy!!! I’m completely in love with him!!! These pictures are amazing! Congrats!!!

  5. Hayes is my idol. He is amazing and his personality so amazing as well. These pictures are just absolutely remarkable. Along with everyone else in the grier family. I just got done with pictures myself but my photographer wasn’t as well as this. Honestly love the pics.

  6. Hayes is so awesome and amazing!!! I love him and everything about him! His laugh, his amazing smile, his beautiful eyes, and these pictures are perfect!! Tell Hayes he is amazing and I love him so so much!! ❤️ Great job on the pictures!!

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