The Clary Family

Huntersville, NC    Family Photography


I have missed the Clary Family. It’s sad when you go from seeing a family every 3 months for their watch me grow sessions, and then their baby turns one and you only get to see them once or twice a year. boo. But I don’t want to whine, so on a cheery note- I got to spend an afternoon and evening with the Clary’s.  Their little Carter was as happy as can be until I got the bright idea of telling him to run around, and down he went- face first. The concrete wasn’t so forgiving, and the tears started flowing. 😦  {photographer fail} But after all that we still have some awesome images and LOTS of hysterical memories made!!! Enjoy!!!

untitled-303 copy copy

untitled-357 copy


untitled-323 copy

untitled-373-2 copy 1 copy

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