I AM ALIVE!!!! :)

WOW.  Where do I begin… {please ignore this if you care less about my personal ranting…skip to the bottom}

Ok, I’ll go back and start from my post of the broken arm pictures…so that was the beginning of a very long road. Two weeks after the post I went and had my cast cut off and my arm X-rayed…truly praying it was getting better quickly so I could advance to a shorter cast that would allow me to go back to work somewhat. As to my surprise, my bones had done the exact opposite, they had moved more in the wrong direction. Two more weeks of a super giant cast, this time I chose neon green.

two weeks pass…and yes of course I managed to sneak in a few sessions—HELLO, it’s Fall and everyone needs their Christmas photos!! eeek!!! I then go back to the AMAZING Ortho Surgeon (which FYI happens to be a wonderful client of mine too! which really helps with many of my fears)… and they cut the cast off again, go back in for new x-rays, and I wait. What seemed like an eternity went by.  I had even brought him a donut…so I hoped he would smell it and get into my room faster.  I just knew I was going to get into a short cast and be ready to rock. He walked in. He looked sad. And the first words he uttered were “Heather, I’m going to have to do surgery, you’re not healing.”

WHAT???!!!!!  How come I had never ever once, not even a slight itty bitty part of me even considered a chance of surgery. I pretty much only heard that for the rest of the appointment. I had no clue about any of the details of the surgery once I got home. Way to go Heather. My mind kept echoing surgery. That wasn’t possible. All I did was break my arm- what was the big deal.  Apparently, my break was getting worse, and not healing what so ever. (I promise you all I was getting 200% my daily amount of calcium & vitamin D) I also happened to break a harder to heal part of my Ulna bone as well. Joy. Tis the season, and it wasn’t like I had 70 families awaiting my photography abilities, or three little boys that had no problem taking care of themselves, or all the million things that come with the Holiday season! 🙂

A week later…surgery day arrives. Woohoo!! We rocked some old school tunes (just think…”eye of the tiger” blaring) and made the most of the 16 hour no-eating party all the way to the surgery center. By the way- I need to mention how AMAZING my friends and family are. They have made these 2 months possible. I am blessed beyond measure, and so grateful. So to speed this along, surgery was a success. I got awesome photos of my EXTREMELY displaced and broken in 2 bone during surgery sent to me late that night proving what really went down. I was blessed to have a friend as my nurse for the entire surgery as well, and again not to mention the extraordinary surgeon who put me back together with a shiny new metal plate and screws. Can’t wait to see my next x-rays, and go through security at the airport. woot woot!

Fast forward a week, and here we are. 7+ weeks of my life in a nutshell. I am off all the pain meds now and feeling quite normal again…minus the stylish splint. I have 7 more weeks to heal but I am so thankful I am on the right track now!

I cannot thank you all enough for supporting me through all this drama…I have avoided typing, texting and emails like it’s my job and I apologize. The pain of using my right hand wasn’t worth it- so if it was an emergency I used my left and tried to get back to you. 2013 threw me a curve ball for sure and tested every ounce of my sanity. But here I stand, stronger for it. I will be continuing to catch up on all the pages and pages of emails and messages within the next month- promise. I will be adding tons and tons of photos to the blog this next few weeks as well.

2013 has been bittersweet. Many new accomplishments, much learning and thousands of beautiful images delivered. I met tons of new families and made tons of new friends. How could I ever regret any step taken? Sometimes God has a bigger and better plan for us— and apparently I am a wonderful example of that. I got to spend many more hours and days with my boys…God is good.

2014 is going to rock. New stuff coming your way, and new adventures for Heather Marie Photography. Stay tuned…

I wish you all the happiest of holidays…Merry Christmas to all!!! 

Here are a few iphone shots of the past few weeks…no promises on quality!! (many are instagram pics!)

still pink casting it…



now for my green fashion statement…image-1





and then for my week of a cool brace thing that didn’t support me much (aka lots of pain) but I could FINALLY shower without a bag! woohoo







and now for the pre-surgery shot, with my angelic friend JD (who I could never repay for all her help & love)—she stayed with me the whole day!!


swollen & on meds but I made an appearance to our fabulous neighborhood Christmas party!! wonderful friends~image-4

our absolutely fabulous Charlie Brown Christmas tree, that I begged my hubby for…he rocks. this represents our 2013…crazy tall (16 feet) & strong, but wild turns, very unexpected, luckily healthy so far, and beautiful & perfect in it’s own way. God made me imperfectly perfect. It’s my all time fav- had to share. this is 1/2 lit….image-3


and the last shot is post surgery with two of my little elves, out helping me do some Christmas shopping!

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